Barbara Pritchard


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An Artists’ Trove

Coming up out of the smoke and ash of the bushfires that ravaged the Upper Murray and a good deal of the Australian continent I find myself sorting through debris of our little cottage where I raised my 3 sons.  

Habitat Weeping

In my work, “Habitat Weeping”, I hope to convey my connection to and love for the Australian bushland which has suffered so much from fire, logging, and climate change.  The silk textiles I have used are reclaimed offcuts from garments I have made, and these have been embedded into a stretched recycled fishing net background then stiffened in part with organic solutions. I have used traditional and contemporary dyeing techniques to extract colour and leaf prints from windfalls left by trees I have planted. My aim is to present the beauty of nature and the poetry within the Australian landscape.


We honour our First Nations people by fostering a shared sense of belonging for all Australians and we acknowledge the traditional custodians, Elders and knowledge Keepers of the land on which we live and work.