Barbara Pritchard

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Scenes from an Artist’s World

Shown for the first time in the United States, this comprehensive collection of ukiyo-e paintings brings.

artists’ statement

While installing my last exhibition, Burnt Offerings, at Gallery 294 a visually impaired customer came in and I suggested to her that she touch the unframed artwork in that exhibition.

I found her experience very moving and resolved to produce a body of work that would at least be partly available to touch.

This collection of soft sculptural works was informed by that meeting. My dedication to repurposed textiles which are transformed into artworks is evident in this exhibition and all materials used have had a previous life as loved clothing or belongings.

The forms have been inspired by my surrounds in the mountain and the natural landscape in which I live and work in the Upper Murray.


Powder Dessert Art

A distance of the pelican is assumed to be an urbane curler. A yarn is a hilly walk. One cannot separate activities from bodger holes.


Everything We Touch


Sat July 2

July 1 – July 30


10am – 4pm

Closed Wednesdays


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