Barbara Pritchard

burnt offerings

During the bushfires of 2020’s Black Summer the cottage I built from bush timbers and recycled materials in the 80’s, burnt to the ground

Homage to Kunzia Capitata 60cm x 60cm

Out of that destruction and from the precious bushland around I salvaged objects that in their simplicity spoke of the history of that place.

The ash used in some works was salvaged from the cottage burnt out remains.

The frottages I made on site immediately following the fire, and for me they are a gentle reminder that nothing is permanent. 

The thread binding the Kunzia Capitata twigs was hand spun and dyed with leaves from some of the surviving eucalyptus trees I have grown.

Amongst surviving debris were Cobb and Co hitches, fashioned from wire, that held the rafters in situ, and these I rust printed onto handmade ecoprinted paper and slow stitched with naturally dyed woollen thread. “Memories of Rafters”, is a reminder of the impermanence of all things.

Producing this body of work was both a cathartic experience and a healing process, honouring the memories and the resilience of bushland as well as pioneering spirit.

Works from Burnt Offerings

2020: Handmade paper, rust print and natural dyed thread and eco printed handmade paper with wrapped twigs and handspun dyed woollen thread. The handmade paper, was ecoprinted with bundles of twigs tied with dyed thread spun from locally sourced wool, and attached. 

Other works included mixed media using charcoal retrieved from bushfires and handmade inks from homegrown nut trees and works painted with handmade brushes. 

Eco printed environments . Silk and net on frames 45cm x 45cm
Memories of Rafters 60cm x 60cm
“ Six lost Doorways : Day.” Retrieved Charcoal on handmade paper 60cm x 60cm
“Memories of Rafters 2” Rust print and thread on handmade paper 60cm x 60cm
“ Homage to Kunzia Capitata2” Wrapped Bundles on Ecoprinted Paper 60cm x 60cm
“ Frottage of Cottage Threshold” Charcoal in Situ on handmade paper. 60cm x 60cm
Yabbarin, Pine Mountain Mixed Media on 250 gsm paper 2.5metres x 1.5 m


We honour our First Nations people by fostering a shared sense of belonging for all Australians and we acknowledge the traditional custodians, Elders and knowledge Keepers of the land on which we live and work.