Personal Healing Shawl


I began to make these shawls twenty years ago for clients I had seen for energetic healing in my colour therapy sessions in five States of USA and in Australia. I realised that there was a need for people to connect into their personal vibration and be guided with some help to understand the vibrations that were their gifts through their birthdate I began to make these shawls. Each one is individual and unique just as each person in the world is individual and unique. My spirit guides help me with bringing your colours forward in this hand painting of the silk to give each piece the authentic feel of the person for whom it is being made.

With each individual shawl I calculate your Ruling Number which is the driving force behind their life vibration. Your Personal Year Number is a vibrational influence which lasts one year of influence in a nine year cycle which is governed by another number. All your birthday numbers are then placed in a grid to gain an understanding of your gifts or challenges and the way to cope with these. Guided by these calculations I hand paint your Personal Healing Shawl on 2.5 metres of fine pongee silk to facilitate healing, guidance and personal growth. Finally my guide gifts me a personal message for you. There is a personal message that comes through for the person when I make it. I use a shamanic rattle which comes from Huichol people of Mexico. These Personal Healing Shawls are a wonderful accessory for your personal healing and empowerment and have been recognised worldwide. Each shawl is accompanied by a letter explaining your personal numerology and the healing qualities of your colours.

Each Healing Shawl has brilliant healing colours giving their meaning and healing qualities.

Your Personal Healing Shawl is made to your Birthdate vibration.

You receive a personal letter with Spirit message including:

Your nine year cycles.

Your personal year vibration.

Your numeralogical birth gifts.

Your ruling number.

Your colours and their purposes.

Your Healing Shawl is ideal for:

  • Personal Healing.
  • Can be tuned for healing others.
  • Meditation.
  • Feeling harmonious and beautiful.
  • Overcoming jetlag.

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2.5 meters (2.7 yards) x 90 cm (2 foot 11) .


Personal Healing Shawl


Pongee Silk