Black Blueprint Healing Shawl


For use During ‘Shamanic Journeying’ or Deep Meditation. Brings Protection and Inspiration from our Inner Source.


Many of us are now being guided through ‘spirit journeys’ with a facilitator or with a guided meditation cd of our choice.

During these sessions it is important that you gain as much benefit in relaxation and transformation as is possible.

Because we can be vulnerable and open in these times of deep thought and meditation I have made this drape to assist you in the feeling of protection from any sense of harm.

The black vibration blocks negativity and the underlying blue vibration assists you in your journey work.

It holds the energy of the blueprint as well as protection from the shimmering black overlaid upon it.

As you travel into that deep part of yourself to find answers from the wise vibration within you this black blueprint drape will encompass you with graceful protection.


Additional information


100 grams


2.3 Metres x 90 cm (1yd x 2.5 yd)


Pongee Silk




One Size Fits All