Black Rainbow Healing Shawl


The Ultimate in Energetic Protection


Vibrant colour shining through black. Perfect Energetic Protection. Iridescent colours . The ultimate in energetic protection . Makes the wearer appear ‘invisible’ when vulnerable.

I made the Black Rainbow Drape for those who were in need of strong and powerful energy that the rainbow would bring to them plus the protection that black provides.

Black can be our cover, a way that we consolidate our energy and focus on our tasks making work or  play easier.

Sometimes we wear black to become less conspicuous for our own personal reasons.

Although we sometimes need the protection that black brings to us it is also difficult to transform our energy and grow emotionally if we continue to hide behind the solid vibration of black.

I made this Black Rainbow Drape to combine the qualities of the rainbow with black for those who need it.

This drape is also a wonderful tool for anyone who is hypersensitive or has boundary issues.

The Black Rainbow has a shimmering rainbow shining beneath the silken black which provides the energy field with ability to connect outside our black cocoon but at the same time allows us to appear almost invisible to others.


Additional information


100 grams


2.3 Metres x 90 cm (1yd x 2.5 yd)


Pongee Silk


Hand Painted


One Size Fits All