Blueprint Healing Shawl


Connects to your Life Plan and Assists in Calm Healing.


Connects to your life plan and assists in calm healing. Blue is a primary healer and can be used to centre the body’s energy.

Blue is the vibration of calming, gentle healing and communication as well as connecting us to our life plan.

The blueprint of our energetic field connects us to all that was, all that is and all that has the potential to be, within us.

When we connect with this vibration we also have the ability to access our spiritual helpers.

These spirit helpers can be our ancestors, our personal guides or spirit animals.

These helpers can help us to recall our own healing memory which will remind us of our inner ability to heal ourselves.

This vibration opens the energy field to the healing available in a gentle and secure way and assists the you to access deep emotions that may need to heal.

The Blueprint Drapes calming , centring and soothing vibration facilitates profound access to healing sources

This drape is particularly valuable for practitioners of energy healing to use with their clients during healing sessions .

Perfect for Meditation, Relaxation, Journeywork and use by healing practitioners.


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100 grams


2.3 metres x 90 cm (2.5 yd x 1 yd)


Pongee Silk




One Size Fits All