Rainbow Energiser Healing Shawl


Provides Support in Times of Low Energy.


Suffuses the energy field with all spectral colours providing strong energy. Provides support in times of low energy.

This colourful silk drape holds all the colours of the rainbow and as such it manifests all the energy that the full spectrum has to offer.

The blue vibration encourages communication and brings the vibration of sky and sea with the calm of air energy.

The bold green holds  the vibration of new growth as well as bringing  healing energy to the heart. It reminds us of the earth’s ability to provide, and shelter us.

With the inclusion of red comes the power of ancestral energy and ceremony, a colour most sacred to early humans.

The vibrant yellow in this drape connects us to our very essence, to our sense of self and our soul star which shines in each of us.

This yellow also clears mental faculties and memories become clearer.

The vivid orange vibration encourages the child within and creativity while the violet vibration expands our sense of spirituality and connection to possibility.

This is a powerful drape with a strong vibration and used by healers can magnify the energy healing qualities of the practitioner.

This drape may also illicit a strong reaction in those that suffer physical allergies, in which case the Emotional Healer Nurturer will resolve the effect.

I recommend that the Rainbow Energiser Drape be used in combination with the Emotional Healer Nurturer as it is transformational in its healing abilities.


Additional information


100 grams


2.5 x 1 metre


Pongee Silk




One Size Fits All